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HARRY AND HERMIONE KISS CONFIRMED ON Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson's Recent DH Interview

HARRY AND HERMIONE KISS CONFIRMED ON Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson's Recent DH Interview
(some FLUFF inside) by SCHOLASTIC


Q: Are there any embarrassing moments from the set that you could share?
Emma: I had to kiss what feels like my two brothers. I mean, that was pretty bad. I would definitely count that as an embarrassing, awkward moment. Neither of them were bad kisses. That's not the point, but it definitely was pretty awkward.
 Q: Emma wasn't able to change her hairstyle for 10 years because of filming so she cut off all of her hair after film wrap. Is there anything you weren't able to do because it conflicted with your character?
Daniel: Not particularly. I haven't really even cut my hair since we've finished filming to be honest. It's been growing and growing. I've always been. . . I was a lot less constricted than Emma has been probably in that respect. Emma had sort of hinted that she was going to do that, so I wasn't as surprised as perhaps the rest of the world was, but I think she looks fantastic. It's a very, very cool haircut. But to be honest the girl could look pretty with a plastic bag over her head, you know. I mean, she's a beautiful girl, so any haircut I'm sure would look wonderful.
Q: Emma, you threw a party for the whole cast on the last day. Can tell us about the festivities?
Emma: I threw a dinner. I just bought a new apartment in London. I tried to make it look really nice. I bought tons of flowers. I lit candles everywhere and everyone had place settings and I made food for everyone to come and eat and also I put together . . . I made like a book for everyone and I had silly questions like who was your first crush on the set? What was your best memory? What was your worst memory? Who was your favorite director? . . stuff like that, that's just really fun.

And everyone had a piece of paper to write it all down, but we all discussed our answers and went around and listened to people's stories and what they remembered. It was just a really nostalgic evening basically, just all of us sharing stories. It was a really nice evening and it was warm weather, so we sat outside as well, and I bought disposable cameras for the tables, so everyone could use those, and it was just fun. It was just chill.

Daniel: It was lovely. It was fantastic. Emma cooked and she was very impressive. She was very much the hostess with the mostest. I've never had a dinner party in my life—the idea terrifies me, so I would have been so intimidated by that, but yeah, she got sort of the core of the young cast members and we all went round to her house and it was great.

It was really, really nice, very dripping with nostalgia, all reminiscing about early days and how young and cute and innocent we all were. Yeah, it was a really, really good night and we were all very grateful. 'Cause to be honest with you, if you talked to me or Rupert, neither of us would have had the wherewithal to put together a dinner party, so the fact that she did was really appreciated. 
 Q: Emma, how would you describe Daniel and Rupert when you first met them and at the end of the series?

It's funny. It started out that Dan and I were the shy ones and Rupert was the talkative one, and then we seemed to swap. Rupert hardly speaks. You're lucky to get anything out of him these days, and then Dan and I do a lot more of the talking. Dan is really intelligent and very sweet, and Rupert just has a wicked sense of humor and he's very eccentric and very unique in the way that he does things. He's like a big kid. I feel like he'll never grow up, which I love.