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The Sweetest Thing

Can you deny it any longer?

Dan and Emma
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This is a community for all things Dan/Emma foremost and we'll accept Harry/Hermione. You can post icons, stories, pictures, anything you want as long as its appropriate. All fanfiction must be read by a beta reader BEFORE posting it to the community

This community is locked. Please remember to Friends Lock all your posts!!

If you want to join, please keep this in mind. If there's nothing in your LJ that suggests you are a Dan and Emma fan, or there's no where for me to comment to ask you, then you wont be approved to join this community.

From now on, due to the increasing popularity of Dan and Emma fanfiction, please use the following form before the cut to your fiction. This is not a suggestion, any fanfiction posted to the community not using the following form (or something similar) will be deleted.



The parts in italics are optional to include.

Our number one major rule is RESPECT! That applies to fellow members, Dan and Emma and all those involved with them.

The First and Official Dan/Emma community of livejournal.

Vist our website!

This community is owned by lorwhore
This community is moderated by roguish_angel
The icon and header for this community was made by stevie_jane
The website for this community is owned by mahnh001
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